Welcome to the Wyoming Public Library.

The library is your one stop source for all of your informational needs.  We have many resources available to you as library card holders.   The Wyoming Public Library serves the Wyoming and Onslow communities.  We are happy to provide programming that addresses the needs of all ages of our patrons.  We ask that if you have an interest or would like to see a specific program provided, please contact the Library.  Thank you for your continued support.

                               Mondays:  Closed                                     Fridays:  Open 1 - 5pm
                               Tuesdays:  Open 9am - 3pm                    Saturdays:  Closed
                               Wednesdays:  Open 1 - 5pm                    Sundays:  Open 2 - 5pm
                               Thursdays:  Open 3 - 6pm
The 2024 Summer Reading Program has begun (see calendar of events for June below).  
If you click on the ABOUT tab on the heading bar and select SUMMER READING PROGRAM,
you will find a brief description of some of the events scheduled for June. 
Be watching for the JULY calendar and descriptions to come out later this month.