Library Director


Hello World!

My name is Marilynn Cohea, I am the director here at the Wyoming Public Library. I started here in November of 2021, I am really happy to be here. I am from California (born and raised) ended up in Washington State, and now I am here in Iowa. I have a Bachelor's degree in Cyber Security and I am continuing with school with more tech classes. Eventually I will be getting a Masters degree in Cyber security and another Bachelor's degree in Archaeology/History. I also do some Photography on the side for fun.

I have a wild 3 year old boy name Atticus and he is my everything, my whole universe.

When I was little, the library was always my escape from reality. It was a place that I could be anything because of the books I was reading. Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones has been my inspration for as long I can remember. I am a lover of true crime podcasts, the paranormal, books and all kinds of crafts. If you have any ideas for library programming or materials, please let me know. I can't wait to see what the future brings here at the Wyoming Public Library.

You can reach me at: