Public access to computers and the internet is provided by Wyoming Public Library as a supplement to other library materials and resources. 

Content and Security

Wyoming Public Library has no control of the internet and its resources and assumes no responsibility for the quality, accuracy or currency of any internet resources.  Evaluation of internet content is the responsibility of individual users.  Internet resources accessible through the library are provided equally to all registered library patron.  Children have access to the same resources as adults.  Wyoming Public Library affirms the right and responsibility of parents and/or guardians to guide, determine and monitor their children’s use of the internet.  Concerned parents should inform their children if there are certain materials, they do not with them to use and are encouraged to monitor their children’s use of the internet.  Wyoming Public Library staff will not monitor the computer use of children. 

Wyoming Public Library cannot guarantee confidentiality on the internet.

Staff Assistance

Library staff will access the internet for patrons.  While we cannot provide in-depth training to each patron, staff may be able to answer basic questions or help patrons locate resources on the internet. 

Priority of Use

Computers are available on a first come first served basis.  Patron are encouraged to call ahead to see if a computer is available.  The computer lab is occasionally closed to the public for computer maintenance and computer classes.  Notices of closing the lab will be posted near the circulation desk.  Under special circumstances patrons may call and reserve a computer for a specific time and amount of time beyond the one hour daily maximum use.  This is to be determined by the librarian.  Patrons waiting for access must wait in the main area of the library.  Patrons will not be permitted to wait in the computer lab for a computer to become available. 


  • All users must read through the Patron Computer and Internet Use Policy.
  • Users are limited to one half hour of computer use.  Patrons may request an additional half hour if no one else is waiting.  Computer use is limited to one hour per day per user.  Users must discontinue computer use thirty minutes prior to closing each day.
  • No more than two users will be permitted to use a computer at a time.
  • Users are required to wear headphones while on the computer.  Headphones are provided by the library; patrons may bring in their own headphones for personal use. 


Wyoming Public Library does not offer email accounts.  Email is allowed only through independent sites where the library’s address will not be used. 


Wyoming Public Library does provide printing of materials from each computer at the cost of 50₵ per color page and 20₵ per non-color page. 

Ethical Use

There are informational resources which are inappropriate in the library setting.  Because the library is a public place, library staff reserves the right to end a computer session when such material displays on the screen.

Uses May Not

  • Use any computer or the internet for illegal or criminal purposes, including but not limited to:

Ÿ  Violation of Iowa State Law, which makes it illegal to download or purvey child pornography, purvey pornography to children, or commit fraudulent act using the internet. 

Ÿ  Violation of U.S. copyright law (title 17, U.S. Code), which prohibits the unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted materials, except as permitted by the principles of “fair use”.

  • Use obscene language.
  • Display offensive messages or pictures.
  • Use library computers to gain unauthorized access to the library’s or any other organization’s networks or computer systems. 
  • Make any attempt to add, delete, modify or damage the installed hardware or software, or many part of the computer system. 
  • Download or file transfer data to the library computer’s hard drive. Updated 2/8/2018