The Wyoming Public Library provides a meeting room area to individual, community groups and organizations.  The meeting room is available Tuesday – Saturday during regular hours of operation, whenever not needed for library or library co-sponsored programs.  After hour use of the meeting room maybe permitted at the discretion of the Library Director.   When not reserved the meeting room is available on a first come first served basis, only. 

Meeting Room:

The library provides public access to the meeting room located in the rear of the building. Six (6) tables,  fifteen (15) chairs, numerous floor seating (bean bags, video game chairs) one (1) TV with cable access mounted to the wall, one (1) Wii, one (1) dvd/Blu-ray disc player are available for use in the meeting room.  The library has a small kitchen area with sink, mini fridge and microwave that can be reserved with the meeting room.   Use of the kitchen must be indicated at your initial reservation of the meeting room. 

Use of the meeting room in no way implies library endorsement of ideas expressed within meetings, or of the aims and goals of the organization using the facilities.  Should the Library receive questions or complaints regarding the objectives and/or activities of any organization, group, or individual requesting use of the space, the Library Board shall have final authority in granting or refusing permission for the use of the room.  Organizations may not advertise the use of the library facility in any way that implies sponsorship by the Library.  Any publicity by organizations using the meeting room, independent of library sponsorship, may not include the Library’s telephone number. 

General Rules of Use:

To ensure these spaces are available, clean, and functional for all members of our community, the Wyoming Public Library Board of Trustees sets forth the following guidelines defining the use of the Library’s meeting room:

·         Individuals using these spaces must comply with all library policies and shall immediately cease actions deemed in violation of this, or any, Library policy(ies) upon request.  Failure to abide by the Library’s policies and procedures will result in suspension or termination of privileges.

·         When in use, the meeting room is to remain unlocked.

·         The meeting room may not be used for meetings or discussions that encourage or promote violence against, or physical injury to, individuals or groups of individuals. 

·         Individuals or groups meeting within library spaces may not actively solicit patrons for membership to any organization. 

·         Set-up, clean-up, and returning the meeting room to prior set-up is the responsibility of the applicant. The Library has Six (6) tables, fifteen (15) chairs, and numerous floor seating (bean bags, video game chairs).

·         The Library will not provide storage for patrons using the Library’s meeting room.  No materials of any type may be attached to walls or doors.

·         Patrons are responsible for the safety/security of their personal belongings at all times.  Items left behind will be placed in the Library’s Lost and Found located at the front desk.  Lost items may be claimed by description.

·         Meetings held in the library must not disrupt the general services of the Library.  Noise and conduct is expected to be kept to a level that will not disrupt other meetings, or general patron use of the Library.  The Library reserves the right to cancel the use of room at any time.

·         The Library is a smoke-free facility.  Smoking of any type on Library premises is strictly prohibited.  This includes the benches located outside of the Library and the back deck.

·         No food and/or beverages will be permitted in the meeting room without prior approval from the Library Director.

Reservations & Availability of the Meeting Room:

Responsibility for the room lies with the individual placing the reservation.  It is the responsibility of the contact person to notify the Library if contact information changes.

·         The meeting room is available for public use Tuesday-Saturday, during regular hours of operation.  After hour use of the meeting room maybe permitted at the discretion of the Library Director.

·         Individuals/groups reserving the meeting room must complete the Meeting Room Application prior to the event.  A copy of this policy will be provided at time of reservation.

·         The meeting room may be scheduled at three (3) month intervals.  Patrons wishing to use the meeting room may contact the Library to schedule meetings up to three (3) months in advance. 

·         No admission fees may be charged by outside party for meetings scheduled or held within any library space.

·         Individuals must be at least 18 years or older to reserve meeting rooms.  Anyone under the age of 18 years must have an adult co-sign the application at time of reservation.  In such cases, adult supervision may be required during meeting room use.

·         Reservation start times are firm.  If the Party reserving the area does not arrive within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled reservation time, the time will be made available to other users.  Routine failure to notify the Library of cancellation will result in loss of meeting room reservation privileges. 

·         If the meeting room is vacated prior to the reservation’s end time, the time will be made available for other users.

·         Individuals/groups utilizing the meeting room are expected to vacate these areas, at the close of their reservation, in a timely fashion.

·         Reservations of equipment must be made at the time of the room reservation.  Available equipment includes: Wii, dvd/Blu-ray disc player, TV, chairs and tables.  Individuals/groups using the meeting room equipment are expected to have a basic knowledge of their use. 

Damaged/Missing Equipment:

·         Individuals/groups utilizing the meeting room are responsible for leaving the area in the condition it was found.  Vacuum and cleaning supplies for wiping down tables, chairs and other equipment used will be made available to you. 

·         It is the responsibility of the individual or group using the meeting room to report damages to Library staff prior to leaving the Library.

·         If the meeting room is damaged beyond regular wear and tear, the Library will bill the user for repair of replacement costs.  The library is the sole determinant of whether damaged furnishings or equipment can be repaired or must be replaced.  The Library will make all arrangements for cleaning, or repairs to walls, floors, furniture, etc.

·         If library equipment is missing after a room has been used, the Library will bill the user for the cost of replacement.

·         In such instances, the reserving party will not be permitted to reserve or use meeting room until charges have been paid.


Violations of any part of this policy may be considered grounds for loss of meeting room privileges.  The Library Director will determine the penalty for misuse of this area, up to and including permanent suspension of privileges.

The Wyoming Public Library Board of Trustees, Wyoming Public Library staff and/or the City of Wyoming are not responsible for accidents, injury, or loss of property while using the Library’s meeting room.

Note:  Library and Friends of the Library programs are conducted at the discretion of the Library Director.  As such, library programs may supersede the above policy as necessary, at the Director’s discretion.  Every attempt will be made to find an acceptable alternate time and location.